Being Apollo

By Charlie Hobbs

Say the name Apollo and a plethora of images come to mind, each impossibly beautiful. Maybe it conjures an athlete mid-leap, an archer’s arrow ready to fly, or a youth in repose, a finished poem scrawled beside him. Regardless of the scene, each centers  same single figure, unmatched in beauty. In Greek myth, Apollo is known as the god of poetry, music, and the sun. His very existence synonymous with radiance.

When a boy from South Carolina by the name of John first realized his dream of breaking into the modelling business, he knew exactly what vibe he wanted to put out. So, Apollo he became.

“I always used to search for video games that allowed me to customize a character,” says Apollo, now a model signed with BMG and living in New York City. Of his early interest in the world of fashion, he notes: “My dad was the one who actually suggested I seek out a modelling contract. With his help, I was able to move to New York to pursue this career.”

A quick glance at Apollo’s Instagram feed is enough to explain his name change. While not a dead ringer for the son of Zeus, his features are undeniably Apollonian. He’s lean, with bronze skin and tight golden curls. However, his hair was actually once a point of contention in his fledgling career; “I knew I was living this lifestyle the moment I thought about dying my hair. I had to beg my agency to let me do it.”

DSC_1446 copy.jpg

Indeed, much of Apollo’s time is dedicated to maintaining his classical look. “Your look has to be almost permanent,” he explains, “So a lot of my life revolves around keeping myself in good condition.” Despite this commitment, however, modelling is certainly not without its rewards.

“Coming from South Carolina to this big city has been quite an adventure,” Apollo said of his journey. He recalls his first ever photoshoot, on his brother’s rooftop, where everything came into place.

I’ll never forget it. I got to wear the coolest outfits and pose in front of the Manhattan skyline. Growing up, I never had anything like that.  The world was mine for the taking, and it really decided my fate as a model.” Since his arrival on the scene, Apollo has walked the runway in two New York Fashion Week shows and hung with some major players in the business. “I have an excuse to go to the coolest, most artistic neighborhoods in New York, to drink champagne with some of the biggest celebrities. Everyday is a different move with a different motive.”

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